Policies & FAQ's

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Thank you for your interest in the Renew Retreat. Our retreat features a curated luxury travel experience that we’ve been hosting for the last 20+ years. Our host is Erin Marie of BWFwoman, on social @bwfwoman.

The Renew Retreat requires a $15 non-refundable application processing fee, and we offer both payment in full and payment plan options. We work together to ensure your experience is what you hoped for and beyond what you imagined. Your investment in the Renew Retreat includes all lodging, meals, adventure experiences, Masterclass teachings, gifts, Private Chef experiences, and airport transfers. As such, your investment in the Renew Retreat is non-refundable and cannot be applied to a future retreat.

You must book your own airfare and may begin arriving at the retreat location as early as 5p local time. Please plan to depart after 12 noon on the last day of your selected retreat.

Before each Renew Retreat, participants will meet for an orientation where all questions will be answered and Retreat information provided.

Unless you book a solo room, you will be paired with a roommate and may be asked to share a king sized bed. You will be able to provide feedback on your preferences prior to the Renew Retreat and we will do our best to accommodate your comfort.


I’m going by myself, is that ok?
Absolutely! The majority of Renew Retreat attendees come by themselves and have perhaps “met” someone else attending through a BWFwoman Masterclass or in our Facebook group. It’s usually everyone’s first time meeting.
Do I have to be good at meditation?
The Renew Retreat meditation sessions do not require you to have any previous meditation experience. You will learn BWFwoman’s Christian meditation practices, which are based on meditating on God’s Word, breathwork, focus work and more.
Is this a Christian retreat?
Yes, this is a Christian retreat, however you don’t need to be a Christian to attend. We focus on spiritual wellness, and you will be taught from Biblical foundations during the BWFwoman Masterclass experiences. But...this isn’t your mother’s women’s group retreat! We enjoy ourselves, have so much fun, and indulge in wellness activities that will leave you so satisfied.
What flight should I book?
You will need to arrange your own flight to and from our destination city. Prior to the Renew Retreat, you’ll be provided with information on the best airport(s) to fly into. You’ll want to arrive between 12p-3p and depart after 1p so that you don’t miss any of the activities.
What is the age range of Renew Retreat attendees?
The Renew Retreat is attended by women ranging from their 20s to their 50s and is open to all women over 18 years of age. The majority of our attendees are within their late 20s to their mid 50s.
What is the food like?
During the preparation process, you’ll share your food preferences and sensitivities, and our private chef, Chef Dani Carpenter and our team customizes each day’s menu to optimize flavor with culinary expertise. Simply put, the food is AMAZING.